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Moving and Movers
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Moving and Movers
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the mover I hired is licensed?

We suggest you go to The Florida Department of State and Department Of Agriculture

Are there any hidden costs?

Make sure the company you hire provides you with a list of fees you could be charged such as moving large items and extra stairs.

Should I ask for references?

Any legitimate moving company will be happy to give you references or supply you with answers to all of your questions.

Do you charge any deposits or have a cancellation policy?

No, we do not charge anything when customer cancels. Usually it is due the closing date change or a situation that is out of the client's hands.

Do you require a deposit

No we do not require a deposit. We realize other Movers do, but we realize you have enough to handle financially without having to make a deposit with your moving company.

What should I expect when a representative comes to my home for a free evaluation?

Typically, the Owner will come personally to evaluate your items and give you an estimate. We want you to feel comfortable and will ask you questions and answer any of your questions or concerns. We will go from room to room in your home to make sure we get the best evaluation of your items.

Do you have a time minimum?

Yes, we do have a minimum time for our moves. This is 3 hours. We always allow for an hour of travel time and minimum of 2 hours of moving time.

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Moving and Movers
Moving and Movers
Moving and Movers
Moving and Movers
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